What We Do



The Design stage, the start of the journey where every pair of Fawns shoes goes from an idea to a 3D design, we refer to this as the magic stage, the stage which transforms all the ideas into a real product. 
Our director uses state of the art shoe designing software to design and shape the Fawns footwear ranges. At this stage all materials are considered, from the various different suedes, leathers, tweeds and wools, then finally shape and style. This leads to the method the skilled artisans will use to make our shoes, this includes which sole unit is used, as our shoes are all made by hand using the best traditional techniques this makes our footwear not only comfortable but also sustainable, as our shoes can be resoled, giving them greater longevity.



At this stage our designs come to life, the materials are inspected for quality, durability and design. Then finalised decisions are made to styling and materials to create the best balance for our footwear. The samples are tested with real miles, meaning we wear all our samples to test them in real life situations, making sure our footwear stands up to daily use. After the materials and design are confirmed we push the finalised designs into production. 



Once the designs are finalised they're pushed into production, the production process starts with skilled artisans hand cutting materials and leathers with traditional tools. Once the materials are cut the stitching process begins, our artisans hand stitch every thread on our shoes which creates a very personalised feel to our products. The artisans will then attach the sole, using either a Blake stitching process or a Goodyear welt stitching process, this process takes great skill and time. The main difference between the processes is the cork which is spread into the sole of a Goodyear welted shoe, this allows greater shock absorbency. The Blake stitching process is very similar to the Goodyear welted one. It's a simpler process may but still creates a beautiful shoe and we believe offers greater out the box comfort. 



The best part!
Our shoes are quality checked by the artisans in Spain before being carefully boxed and given their next destination. Once they enter the UK and make their way to us we give them a second quality check, checking materials, stitching and soles, ensuring all parts of the shoes meet a very high standard of craftsmanship. Once you click the order button, you're buying a real labour of love, handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans in the world. With the correct care your Fawns shoes will last years, just ensure you keep them clean. Once your shoes have seen a few miles, we advise taking them to a local shoe repair shop for a new sole and some care. 
Look after your Fawns and they will look after you!.


About Us

Our story started one summers afternoon in a small cottage, set in the Essex countryside with a coffee and a few biscuits. Jason sat dreaming up ideas of how to create something special, something that would take his grandfathers values, his creativity and drive to create. Here we sit a year later with the birth of Fawns, a luxury footwear brand dedicated to producing luxury, handcrafted footwear at accessible prices. Fawns has big plans for the future and will continue to grow. 


Jason's grandad was a huge part of his life from a young age and became so much more than a grandfather, he became a mentor and father. His grandfather was quite the successful businessman himself, after World War Two he created a very successful bakery before selling and investing in grocery stores. Having such admiration for his grandfather Jason wanted to follow in his footsteps and create his own business.



We hope that through this website you get a feel for the passion and drive that we all share. Fawns is more than just a company and we want it to be a real experience everyone can feel apart of. A lifestyle brand you can shop for years to come and share your memories with generations to come. Footwear which takes you through a long and fulfilled life, full of adventure. Fawns has plans to reduce it's carbon footprint in the near future, we will be working with organisations to make sure Fawns plays a role in donating a percentage of profits to help our planets ecosystems". 


​From Jason Ballantyne, Founding Director

“It's been an extremely rewarding process, from the first sketches to our first trade show, I hope everyone can see this brands meaning and what a labour of love it has been. I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and for sharing our journey with us. Hopefully I will get the chance to thank everyone in person and will continue to work around the clock to produce quality footwear and to pursue our original dream of becoming a timeless British lifestyle brand".