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Our Beginning 


Our story started one summers afternoon in the garden of a small cottage in the Essex countryside with a coffee and a few biscuits, Jason sat dreaming up ideas of how to create something special, something that would take his grandfathers values and his creativity to make. Here we sit a year later with the birth of Fawns, a luxury footwear brand dedicated to producing wonderful handcrafted footwear at accessible prices. Fawns has big plans for the future and will continue to grow in 2020, Jason dreams of Fawns being far more than a footwear brand, with a timeless lifestyle brand in sight and a burning desire to make his grandfather proud, Fawns sets sail into the next chapter.

Cheers to Jason's grandfather Albert



Jason’s grandfather was a huge part of his life from a young age and became so much more than a grandfather, he became a mentor and father to Jason. His grandfather Albert was quite the successful businessman himself, after World War two he created a very successful bakery before selling and investing in grocery stores. Jason had such admiration for his grandfather and after he passed away Jason wanted to follow in his footsteps and create his own legacy.





We hope that through this website you get a feel for the passion and drive that we all share. Fawns is more than just a company and we want it to be a real experience everyone can feel apart of. A lifestyle brand you can shop for years to come and share your memories with generations to come. Footwear that takes you through a long and fruitful life, filled with adventure. Fawns has plans to reduce its carbon footprint in the near future, we will be working with organisations to make sure Fawns plays a role in donating a percentage of profits to help our planets ecosystems". 




From Jason Ballantyne, Founding Director

“It's felt like a hard-fought battle so far, but has been extremely rewarding and I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support. Hopefully I will get the chance to thank everyone in person and will continue to work around the clock to produce quality footwear and to pursue our dream of becoming a British lifestyle brand. I love the planet and nature so I want to start giving back right away, Fawns is looking at organisations to donate a percentage of our profits to make sure we reduce our carbon footprint and help this planet to flourish. This is a scheme we will introduce shortly once we have found the organisations we want to donate too.

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